Relocation Tips.

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When you move there are many people you need to contact. Make sure to check with your professional - he or she may be able to provide some information you need, and recommend some reputable movers if necessary.

Here is the essential call list:

  • Hire a reputable mover or rent a moving truck. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau, get estimates, purchase moving insurance and get referrals or references.
  • Two weeks before moving day, contact your telephone, electric, gas, cable/satellite, refuse and water companies to set a specific date when service will be discontinued. Verify this date with your real estate professional as well.
  • Contact utilities in your new town about service start dates, including Internet & long distance telephone services.
  • Notify healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists, veterinarians) of your move and ask for referrals and record transfers.
  • Register children for school and ask for school records to be transferred.
  • Notify lawn service, cleaning and security companies when service should be terminated.
  • Tell clubs, churches and organizations of your move. And if applicable, see if membership fees can be partially refunded.
  • Advise the post office, publications and correspondents of change of address and date of move.
  • Check your homeowner's insurance and make arrangements for new coverage.
  • If you are moving to a new state, see if you will need new car insurance.
  • Pick up items from your dry cleaners.


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